Monday, June 20, 2011

New Baby Team Items!

Everyday I think of something fun and new that I want to create, some of it is relevant to Touchdown Toddlers, other ideas are just fun and creative. Having a boy opens up a whole new realm of ideas, I want him to have a wide assortment of items to show his team spirit but I have to get my mind away from all the cute dresses and bows! I had forgotten how much a 3 month old loves to grab and fulfill their sensory needs. Different textures and sounds can occupy their time for hours (well, maybe 30 minutes or so...). Trevor has this elephant that "crinkles" that he just loves, and a taggies blanket created by my sister-in-law that he can pull and tugg on all day so I thought I'd combine the senses as well as show some team spirit. Introducing my taggies crinkle toy, that Trevor just loves!

I also created a taggies football for Trevor out of UT fabric. Now he can grab the soft football will pulling and tugging on the different textures and types of ribbon. He played with it all afternoon today! Of course, I had to embroider the football marks to make it look authentic! :)
 If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to make them for you in any local team's fabric.

Purchase the set for $15.  

Football season is just around the corner, I know Mike will make me make Trevor another set in Purdue fabric too! ha.
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