Friday, February 3, 2012

T minus 1 month!

T minus 1 month until Trevor's first birthday party!! eeekk! One month sounds like a lot of time but when you throw in the in-laws visiting for 5 days and working on a friend's baby shower, one month doesn't sound like enough time! Trevor's theme has always been space, so of course his birthday party is going to be space themed also! Unlike Lily's party (and I know it common with 2nd children), I am keeping his 1st birthday party low key. Just family and our closest family friends. For Lily's 1st birthday, I had planned all these outdoor activities and it rained so I ended up with 40 people in my living room. I am still going all out with decorating and festivities, just with half the people. Here is a sneak peek of some of the stuff I've been working on.

Here are his invitations that I either printed or emailed to our guests.

...and the fabric pendant banner I just finished sewing to drape across the kitchen. I used some fabric from one of his crib sheets to make it extra special and something to use at future birthday parties!
Oh, and I know you wanted to see some more of Trevor in his cute astronaut outfit that he will be wearing at his party! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chrystal gets married!

My good friend Chrystal and her new hubby are now home from their honeymoon and I thought by now they've had time to rummage through their gifts, and who knows their excitement from my easy homemade gift, but I am more than excited to show it off! So, going through a registry is less than exciting, we all
know it is stuff the bride & groom want and need but it is always so boring picking what kitchen utensil you are going to buy the newlyweds. With the holidays and everything going on, I waited a little too long to buy Chrystal & Kenny a wedding gift (shhh... don't tell) so I was trying to use my creativity and my amazon prime account to find something quick and useful. Well, I noticed on their registry that they hadn't received their cutting boards yet, well, it wasn't my style to just give cutting boards so I though how cute and creative it would be to decoupage the back of the wood board.

So, a little mod podge, scrapbook paper, the handy cricut and some varnish and I created a cutting board to put on display! :) I'm sorry Chrys that I gave you a gift that you can't return but I thought it turned out pretty darn cute! Congrats again Chrystal & Kenny!

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