Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chrystal gets married!

My good friend Chrystal and her new hubby are now home from their honeymoon and I thought by now they've had time to rummage through their gifts, and who knows their excitement from my easy homemade gift, but I am more than excited to show it off! So, going through a registry is less than exciting, we all
know it is stuff the bride & groom want and need but it is always so boring picking what kitchen utensil you are going to buy the newlyweds. With the holidays and everything going on, I waited a little too long to buy Chrystal & Kenny a wedding gift (shhh... don't tell) so I was trying to use my creativity and my amazon prime account to find something quick and useful. Well, I noticed on their registry that they hadn't received their cutting boards yet, well, it wasn't my style to just give cutting boards so I though how cute and creative it would be to decoupage the back of the wood board.

So, a little mod podge, scrapbook paper, the handy cricut and some varnish and I created a cutting board to put on display! :) I'm sorry Chrys that I gave you a gift that you can't return but I thought it turned out pretty darn cute! Congrats again Chrystal & Kenny!

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