Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trevor's Space Themed 1st Birthday Party!!

Trevor had an amazing 1st birthday party, it was OUT OF THIS WORLD! ha. My little Astronaut had a great time with his family and closest friends and I had a great time creating his party! We hung "planets", also known as homemade pom poms and shooting stars (star cut outs on ribbon) and an assortment of homemade banners.
My favorite little project was making shirts for me, the hubby & big sister to wear that matched Trevor's NASA space suit purchased from Amazon. Just a little fabric paint and some stencils on a cheap white tee and we had a family of Astronaut trainees! 

Here is my spread of dips and chips and the wonderful cakes from Sweet Treats by CC. Don't you love my fabric pendant banner?? I have so much fun making these. This one is now hanging in Trevor's room as it is made of all different space prints. We had buckets of space themed goldfish & moon pies on a stick! And of course, no party is complete without it's own "Keep Calm.." sign.

 Look at these pretty girls and their space themed skirts from PrettyLittleHappy

 All the kids received name badges that said "Astronaut Trainee" to wear at the party & their favor bags included space themed treats like moon pies, milky ways & starbursts and foam space shuttles. They were "Preflight Snacks & Goodies" for all the little Astronauts.

 and who doesn't love a good photo opportunity banner for the guests??

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