Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time for Tea?? Lily's Tea Party Birthday!

Lily had a fantastic tea party! We've all seen the Princess tea parties and the Alice in Wonderland teas but I wanted a formal tea. Girls in pretty floral dresses and boys in ties. I bought bonnets & top hats and Lily (and me too!) had white gloves. We went all out!  Sipping real tea out of real china. I'm so lucky that my Mom has saved so many china sets that were her Moms and her Mom's Mom, etc. so I had some beautiful pieces to decorate with and use. Of course I had to add some bright colors to make it 4 year appropriate. With scones and mini muffins, chocolate dipped sugar wafers and age appropriate finger foods like pepperoni rolls, all the kids had a great time! Here are some of my decorations, thanks to the fabulous Sara Buskirk for being my photographer. Someone needs to push her to start a business!

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