Saturday, August 13, 2011

Preschool time is here!!

The hubby told me earlier "They are going to know Lily has a stay at home Mom", haa. When I read on the preschool information that the nap mat needs to be covered, and a king sized pillowcase works... I knew that my kid would not take a normal pillowcase to Mother's Day Out with her! ha. I bought some fabric to make a cover in pretty pinks for Lily, and later I'll get out the cricut to put her name on it too!

I have also been looking for a way to put Lily's name on all her sippy cups, as most of you know, they want EVERYTHING labeled. While browsing pinterest and etsy last night, I came across these cute personalized fabric bands for sippy cups, and super easy to make with velro. So, as Lily gets ready to start her 2 day a week endeavor, it is just another gateway for me to develop some new crafts. Love it!

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