Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer is here! Wait, School is over??

Even though my 3 year old is only in 2 days of Mother's Day Out a week, I value those 10 hours a week and love having something new to help her learn and make new friends. Next week is the last week of school (eekk!), how I am going to entertain 2 kids all summer long?? I'm thankful for 3 long vacations so at least we won't have a ton of time to sit around staring at each other. The Mom in charge of Lily's year end party had the cute idea of buying buckets for each kid and each Mom bring something to put in the bucket for the kids to use this summer. I came up with 2 ideas (with a little Pinterest inspiration) that I thought turned out super cute and will add to the summer buckets of fun.

I used an envelope I cut out on the Cricut (5 1/2in worked perfectly) to go around individual Kool Aid packets and then tied them on silly straws. "Have a "KOOL" Summer!".

I also purchased inexpensive shovels from Target (with a large handle) and used paint pens to create a personalized shovel for each of the kids in the class.

No, I didn't forget the teachers! I think they need a fun summer gift too.... complete with a beach towel, flip flops and a few purse essentials like sun screen and lip balm. I'll attach a sweet card & a gift card too!

I am definitely looking forward to lots of time by the pool, at least the water tires the kids out! Happy Summer!

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