Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready for the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

I know most of you have already started school, and we start on Thursday and I am more than excited! Both my kids will be attending Preschool which also means that I have to do teacher gifts for 4 teachers this year, eekk. I'm definitely going to have to plan ahead and start early!

I wanted to do something little for each of my kid's teachers for the first day to put a smile on their face. I also think I'm going to need to suck up in order for Trevor's teachers to deal with him! He'll be climbing on the walls before the end of his first day!

I thought a FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL SURVIVAL KIT was what all their teachers needed!

What the card says :


Here’s a little something to help you through the first day of school. There is something to pick you up (caffeine!), keep you hydrated (water!), to keep you clean (hand sanitizer & kleenex!) and to indulge after the long day (candy & goodies!). 
                                                            Have a GREAT DAY!! 

 We meet the teacher tomorrow! Wish us luck!

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