Monday, December 12, 2011

Congratulations Chrystal!

This weekend one of my dearest friends, Chrystal had an amazing Harry Potter themed Bridal Shower, it was such a cute idea, you entered through a "brick wall" and the house was full of themed foods, drinks and decor. It was definitely a unique idea, it reminded me that I need to get caught up on my Harry Potter movies!

I was proud of a few of my creative touches for her shower gift so I thought I would show it off. When purchasing something from her registry, I took advantage of the free gift bag (of course!) but hated handing over a gift that would look like every other package on the table, so I added a little bling. From now on, I'll continue to take advantage of the free gift wrap but add my little touch of flare. The guests loved the diamond ring I added to the bag!

Inside her gift bag, amongst other things was a pot holder & wooden spoon bouquet. I thought it turned out really cute, using some artificial flowers mixed with wooden spoons and a few other goodies inside made the perfect gift for the Bride to Be. (Check out the floating candles in the background!)

It was an amazing shower and I ate WAY too much yummy food, Congrats Chrystal!


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