Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cupcakes & Carvings

I am in full fall mode, and loving all the different ideas on Pinterest for fall too! Yesterday we carved our pumpkin and I made some "candy corn" cupcakes.

I read an article about how after you gut the pumpkin, let it soak in water for 12+ hours and the pumpkin will last an additional 2 weeks so after I gutted the pumpkin and let it soak (and took a few pictures of my 7 month old in the pumpkin, ha!) we decided to try the cookie cutter approach on the pumpkin. We used a rubber mallet to cut out shapes in the pumpkin. It turned out really cute! Beware that you scoop out the lining pretty thin or it is tough to get the cookie cutter through. Also, we learned the hard way not to put the shapes too close as we had a little break in the pumpkin, but not too bad.

I also made some "candy corn" cupcakes for some friends who came over for dinner this weekend. Of course they are just made with white cake and white frosting, but look adorable. If I did them again I would make sure the orange was really dark as it came out really light orange. From the outside, you can't see the different dimensions but when you bit into it you can really see that it looks just like a candy corn! A great halloween treat.

Oh, and of course you wanted to see my baby in the pumpkin.

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