Friday, October 7, 2011

The T-Shirt Scarf

So, I'm sure we've all seen the pin or craft blog entry on the "T-shirt scarf" but today I decided to put on of the many methods to the test. I decided on a technique on Pinterest and went on the hunt for an old t-shirt. It was really easy to do, make sure your cuts are at least 1.5in wide cause they will break when tugged on. I also used the sleeves to cut smaller hoops, making a t-shirt necklace. I was going to utilize this old shirt! I played with different style methods for a good half hour, and there are a lot of options. I think I'll be doing this with lots of old shirts for the fall!

Here is the traditional look with the necklace (the sleeves) and the scarf (the shirt).

Here is just the scarf double looped to make a thicker necklace.
Here is the twisted look.

In this look, I used a few of the strands to tie a knot on the scarf to give it some flare.
And here is my favorite, the one I settled on and hung it up as in my closet. I have the necklace (the sleeves) on and the scarf (the shirt) and then tied them together with a few strands.What a great fashion accessory!

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