Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lily Crafts

I tried to think of a good name for some of the crafts I do for Lily's and I am so original that I thought I'd call them "Lily Crafts" ha.

I really want to have a way for Lily to look at pictures of her friends on a daily basis and remember certain moments of her life. I did the memo board thing, even took a lot of little frames and had them in her room but I think I finally found something that we both love. You all know I love unfinished frames and the endless possibilities so I took a few and painted them to match her new Ikea bookshelves (spice racks!). I did some mod podging of a few cut outs that represent Lily, stabled some ribbon on the back and hung them up! They are easy to change out pictures as often as possible and at a great height so Lily can look at her friends & family anytime she wants!

Also, my daughter loves spices, and she can reach the spice rack in the pantry and she always wants to play with the containers. As I emptied the diced garlic, garlic salt, fresh garlic (I really like garlic, but I'm kidding!) containers I saved them to make spice containers for Lily's play kitchen in her room. I washed them and removed the labeling, covered them with scrapbook paper and used packing tape to holding them in place. I filled them with paper pieces and glitter to give them a nice shaking noise but look pretty in the spice jar. I used packaging tape at the top, under the plastic so that no glitter can get out but Lily can unscrew the top or flip it open to make it seem like she is really adding something special to her concoction of plastic veggies! Of course I labeled them "Sugar", "Spice", "And Everything Nice...".


  1. i LOVE the spices!!!!!! abigail wants some!! (:

  2. I will start saving my spice containers to make her some! :) Thanks for commenting!


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